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Kabaddi In Canada Season 2009

Kabaddi In Canada Season 2009

This year's kabaddi season started little bit late due to drug tests of the players being held by various kabaddi federations around the world. many players were delayed due to visa problems and the tournam

ent which was organized by Young kabaddi club was delayed for 3 weeks. Finally on May 24th first kabaddi tournament was held in Surrey's Bell Arts Centre's Kabaddi ground. It was a blast from the beginning and there were many matches which were spectacular, but some star players still missing due to visa problems. Vancouver Kabaddi Club faced Young kabaddi Club and won the tournament in open weight category.

Then the next tournament was held by Abbotsford kabaddi club in Rotary Stadium Abbotsford. Star players have arrived and from the first match to the final e

very math was a struggle Mangi, Sandeep, Gurlal, Sukhi, Sonu and 155 sensations of Azaad Kabaddi Club Sippy, Goli were rocking. Young Kabaddi Club won this cup first time in history in Abbotsford.

The next day there was 3rd tournament in Surrey's Bell Arts centre's kabaddi park which was organized by Rajbir Raju Kabaddi Club. This tournament was another great one and in final Prince George takes down Vancouver Kabaddi Club. Due to fatigue and injuries so

me players did not participate in this tournament.
On July 5th next tournament was hosted by Richmond Kabaddi Club in Bell Arts Centre grounds and two times in a row Prince George won the cup by beating Richmond Kabaddi Club in a fierce match.
and we cant forget the 155 pound teams who won all these tournaments. it was Azaad Kabaddi club which took all cups in this season.

Richmond Kabaddi club hosted their tournament on July 5th, Shan-e-Punjab & Prince George Kabaddi clubs co-hosted their tournament on 9th August ,Fraser Valley & Punjab Sports on 23rd August, Azaad & Vancouver on 30th August and Last tournament was held by Guru Nanak Sikh Temple on Sept 5,6 & 7.

In this tournament Vancouver Kabaddi Club’s very special promoter of Kabaddi ,Sukhi Bining passed away . It is a vary sad news for Kabaddi lovers all around the world.He did a lot of work to bring Kabaddi to its present stage.

Many Kabaddi players shines this year with awesome performances which include Gurlal, Palla Jalaalpuria, Sippy, Goli, Sonu Jump, Tirath Gakhal, Sandeep, Sukhvir, Sukhi, Dhadrian wala, Jumbo(deep) and many others who won the hearts of viewers.

This Season was very unique in many ways, the most impressive was the determination of the Kabaddi Federations to stop the drug & steroid use in players. Players were tested in India, the clean ones get their visas and the ones who used prohibited material were thinking about their future in Kabaddi. The players who were in Canada were tested in first tournament. Then, in every tournament, in every match federation pick 2 players randomly and tested them. It’s very expensive to get these tests done, but they are needed these days to protect clean kabaddi players. These drug tests have their impact not only on players but on the kabaddi lovers too, who don’t want to see the youth in the grip of drugs. This year is a big step towards recognition of Kabaddi on world stage and if people who love Kabaddi keep doing these positive changes, the day will come when we can see Kabaddi in Olympics .

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- Goldie Dhillon

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  1. very good coverage know kabaddi seesion start india and norway club and miri piri club win they bigest prize kabaadi cup amazing performance by hardeep tauo he took 2 time bes stoper in the row and both of finals he made 20 stops in 2 match